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Occur location:  Eardish has been soliciting money for over two years for a media based music site. no links, no website and no investor updates are available anywhere. Being run by self proclaimed music mavin David Kershenbaum. last reported to have run into millions of is a music website and concept that does not exist. Self proclaimed music Mavin David Kershenbaum and former (shut down) world lotto creator Danny Murphy are heading this web based investment scam. no implemented plan, no product, and no working site in over two years of soliciting investors money. Millions of dollars solicited and collected from private investors globally, however nothing has been done to create any type of return. In two years we have seen lots of parties, many CEO global junkets, and lots of Hollywood hype, nothing else exists beyond that.
Country:  US.United States
Scam type:  Fake product scam
Scam amount:  5000000.00USD
Connect method:  Website
Time occured:  Aug 29 2013
Time reported:  Aug 28 2013

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